A freedom to choose your own car coverage with more affordable premium customized to your needs.

   SMART FLEX provides you with...

1. Full coverage:

Cover your car damage caused by road accident, collision, fire, glass breakage, overturning and theft.

2. Third Party Liability coverage:

Included your Third Party Liability cover in this package available in 3 options.

3. Set your own price:

You can set your own insurance price base on the budget that you have or insured base on the value of car.

4. Cheaper price for high valued car:

Insurance premium is getting lower for the high valued car comparing to the current Own Damage Motor Insurance.

5. Applicable for new or used car:

New or used car up to 10 years is able to apply.

6. Select your own garage service center:

When you have accident, you can select to repair your car at any garage service center.

   Choose your own coverage based on:

•  The value of your car starting from 40 million KIP.
•  Your own budget starting from 3,650,000 KIP/year or 10,000 KIP/day.>
•  Quarterly, semi-annually or annually installments are available.

   Benefit from Bonus/No malus policy

After one year contract, if your car has no accident and no claims, you will get the following discount:
Yearly renewal No claim bonus Accident occurs during yearly period of contract
After 1 year
After 2 year
After 3 year
30% (Maximum)
If accident occurs during the yearly period of contract
and your responsibility is engaged in the claim, your
bonus will be reduced one step per accident until it
reaches the initial premium of new contract

   Vehicle conditions to apply to SMART FLEX

•  New or used car or according to the inspection by our garage network.
•  Photos of the car are needed.
•  Photos & car inspection will be done by our garage network.

   Download brochure cover and tariffs of: