AGL Smart Driving Motor Insurance

Enjoy the pleasures of “All Risks” coverage from any accidents with the cheaper and affordable premium customized to your needs.

AGL Smart Driving Coverage:

   •  Cover for vehicle damage caused by road accident, fire, glass brokerage, car turn over and theft.
   •  Medical expense and compensation for total permanent disability or death for driver and
   •  New Higher Third Party Liability coverage exclusively for this AGL Smart Driving Motor Insurance.

Bonus and Malus policy for renewal contract

AGL provides a special no claim bonus for the renewal contract as follow:
Motor Insurance

Note: if accident occurs during the insurance period, malus policy will be applied for the renewal year, but not exceed the initial premium of the 1st year contract.

Vehicle to apply AGL Smart Driving Motor Insurance:

   •  Light vehicle as: sedan, pick up, SUV and Minibus <12 seats.
   •  Private use.
   •  Car age less than 7 years.