Compulsory Motor Insurance

By legal binding, all vehicles circulating in Lao PDR must have insurance to cover their victims in case of road accidents. AGL Compulsory Motor Insurance is the basic vehicle insurance determined by the Lao government as an indemnifying tool for road accident victims.

Whether you are the owner of a tuk-tuk, a pick-up, a motorbike, or a truck. You are required to have at least Compulsory Motor Insurance for your vehicle.

Even if you are a very experienced and cautious driver, you may be involved in a traffic accident and there may be victims of bodily injuries or loss of life.

Drive with a peaceful mind, knowing that if you are involved in an accident AGL will reimburse the other party as follows:
   •  Medical and hospital costs in case of injury
   •  Permanent disability compensation
   •  Death compensation to victim's family

To get a maximum coverage

If you need cover for material damages caused to Third Party Liability which you are liable, please see The Third Party Liability Motor Insurance.

If you need to cover your own vehicle against damages resulting from any kind of accident, please select The Complementary Motor Insurance.

AGL now provides the new package products that cover your vehicle as well as third party liability as:
1. Smart Drive Motor Insurance
2. Worry Free Driving Motor Insurance
3. Smart Flex Motor Insurance 

Download brochure cover and tariffs of: