AGL Sharp Saving 3/1 (Participating) plus Accidental Death Coverage

AGL Sharp Saving 3/1 Insurance is a sort terminsurance policy which permit to build a Saving Plan and enjoy at the same time a Life Coverage.

"Saving (Plan)" means that you will receive fixed guarantee benefits at the end of the contract which is much more than you have paid.

"Life Coverage" means that in case of death, your family will immediately receive the fixed guarantee benefit. If the insured died by accident, the reimboursemnt will be 200% to 300% of sum insured.

You can establish your saving plan by selecting AGL Sharp Saving 3/1 (Participating) + Accidental Death Coverage from 200% to 300% of sum insured.

AGL Sharp Saving 3/1 included two types:

   •  Individual Plan , provides a new choice to individual saving pan.
   •  Corporate Plan , provides you with a new more attractive way to remunerate your staff.