AGL Health Insurance provides you with sufficient cover for minor health problems up to, and including hospitalization.

AGL Health Insurance guarantee to protect you and your family from health problems.

AGL Health Insurance provides reimbursement of your medical and hospital expenses. In the event of illness or hospitalization, some expenses may carry to you. With AGL Health Insurance, you will be reimbursed for all related expenses as follows:
   •  Health Insurance
   •  Room and meal fees
   •  Medicines and drugs
   •  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) service
   •  Surgical/operational fees
   •  Anesthetics
   •  Medical fees for accident injuries

AGL Health Insurance also provides Out Patient (OPD) Cover for the case that you need to see a doctor for a minor illness with no need of hospitalization with maximum of 30 visits per year.

AGL Health Insurance also a cashless payment scheme which now is only available.

With the cashless payment, you can go for medical treatment in the network hospital without paying money in the maximum of your coverage option.

Every insured of AGL Health Insurance will receive AGL Health Card for using in the hospitals and clinics under the network for the cashless payment benefit.

To apply for cashless payment in any hospital or clinic in the network, insured just show the card at the reception counter for further assist.

Currently, there are 6 Clinics networks in Lao PDR, and more than 300 hospitals networks in Thailand. Click here to see the list of network hospital.