1. Contractors’ / Erection All Risks (CAR/EAR)

The main concept of CAR/EAR insurance is to offer comprehensive and adequate protection against loss or damage in respect of the contract works, construction plant and equipment and/or construction machinery, as well as for third party claims in respect of property damage or bodily injury arising in connection the execution of a building project.

CAR/EAR insurance contributes to reducing the overall construction expenses and at the same time offers efficient financial protection for all parties concerned.

The main hazards covered under CAR/EAR are as follows:

  • •  Fire and explosion, crashing of aircraft, extinguishing water or other fire-fighting measures.
  • •  Theft, burglary.
  • •  Windstorm of any kind.
  • •  Water damage, collapse, earthquake, landslides, subsidence, flood and precipitation.

2. Contractor’s Plant & Machinery (CPM)

Construction plant and machinery can be covered against all risks of accidental loss or damage whilst it is operating at construction site.

The Policy can be issued on yearly basis or depending on project period.