To be recognized as the best services provider in all the country, AGL have trained his employees to be friendly, give good welcome and be focus on customers.

AGL Head Office is located on 2nd and 3rd floor of ANZ Vientiane Commercial Building and is opened from Monday to Friday, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

With a culture to be "customer oriented", AGL staff is always available to serve every customer regarding:
> General inquiries regarding our products.
> Details of procedures to renew insurance contracts, explain different insurance policies, claims requests, compensation payment service, issue new insurance contracts and provide information regarding the benefits of our insurance.

With more than 100 agents nationwide, AGL organized training courses on product comprehension and sales techniques so that all our agents are always up to date with our new products, such as Life Endowment, to better offer the best service to each customers.


When the accidental occurred, AGL Emergency Hotline Service is available throughout 24/7 at number 021 222-222.
Our Claim Assistant Team will give recommendation regarding claim and also intervenes directly to service customers.

The 7th Floor has just been set up in order to welcome in a warming atmosphere our customers who have claims.
An average of 600 claim cases is settled per month, which reflects AGL dedication to provide better satisfaction to its customers through the continuous improvement of its claim services.

To declare a claim, please go to our Customer Center.